About The Network Girl

THE NETWORK GIRL: Focused on ‘Vision to Reality’; Providing Generational Perspective & Support via Personality Marketing, Social Networking, and True Events. Swing Dancer, Classic Car Driving, WWII ANC…’ practical princess’ with VERVE…” the most interesting girl in the world.”

Jeanavive Janssen

San Francisco – Bay Area, California

Who is The Network Girl?

This is how her friends have described her: Read More

“There is a whole world of people who speak quicker than they think, and whether they know it, they require someone like you to flesh out the details of even the smallest of their intentions. That describes the ‘engagement’ part. The ‘gracious’ aspect is that I have never felt small or belittled for how your acute awareness has helped me.

Another important thing I have noticed is that you seem completely unaware of the things that normally segregate people into groups, moving effortlessly among people of every walk of life, speaking to each of them in their language. You are not just gregarious; you are truly and fully the outside insider or the inside outsider. Fully accepted by all, yet able to step just outside for perspective, this gives you the power to see the dynamic truths of a group of people and what’s happening among them. So that means that you can give them the gift of perspective that could never have achieved themselves.

Now, this might sound like some awfully high minded verbiage, but I hope you will accept what might seem like the scant evidence collected watching you engage people when you are out, how immediately they feel like telling you all sorts of things, how you challenged them to think just a little bit differently about something they’ve mentioned. Note the COMPLETELY ECLECTIC collection of people celebrating your birthday speaking of things ranging from politics to books, from cooking to automobiles, to exploration to the finer points of law and ejection mechanisms of world war II light infantry arms.

Yes, you are the network girl because you connect with all kinds of people…but you are also a kind of inter-dimensional shaman chick bringing to each tribe wisdom collected from several other planes of existence all at once. You will forever see their foibles and their bright spots and help them each, and everyone use one over the other.

The way you recognize so much in others in empathy, a specially tuned act of imagination. This imagination is, of course, fueled by your wide experience and culture.. fueled by your walking amongst and ‘getting’ so many people. It is a self-propelled and never-ending circle. You’re on a path of fiercely beautiful things…”

History of TheNetworkGirl 

What’s in a name? EVERYTHING!

TheNetworkGirl name was a gift graced upon her in 1998 when a dear friend, Joel Chenoweth (who was an artist and computer programmer), said to her: “You are TheNetworkGirl …you are constantly connecting people to the things they need…”

The seed had been planted; a name was given to the journey, and a vision developed through an actual dream one night. TheNetworkGirl saw herself in a small office surrounded by files and saw herself happily chatting away on the phone connecting people.

Then it became a reality, posting ads on Craigslist.com, she started building a database focused on artists and resources-volunteering to help wherever she could. By inspiring more creativity and success, she found that her marketing abilities created a bridge that helped artists reach their audience.

TheNetworkGirl.com – Concept

Though TheNetworkGirl was always quick to say, “No, I am not a computer networker, I connect people, not computers”, TheNetworkGirl understood how much easier the Internet and computers made it for people to connect 24/7 around the world. Constantly testing and using new tools in 2000, TheNetworkGirl identified a need that was not being fulfilled by her favorite tool-Craigslist.com

It was hard to envision people online through the text postings clearly. Also, TheNetworkGirl wanted to be able to share the information she had been collecting publicly. She started playing with the idea and created her first website announcing this next vision. This was remarkable considering the first time she had touched a home computer was in 1998; TheNetworkGirl learned by hands-on DOING. From the minute she was online, she felt the desire to be connected, so it’s no surprise she pursued that connection.

Her friend Joel, the computer programmer, invited her to take it further. He described the world of programming and the capabilities it allowed. Tragically, on May 13th of that year, Joel passed away.

TheNetworkGirl, felt this project needed to be completed in Joel’s memory. With the help of Joel’s colleagues, TheNetworkGirl.com was born in 2000 (the social networking portal was retired in 2005 – this link is only an archive, so not fully functional).

Check out TheNetworkGirl.com when it first launched via the Wayback Machine: The Network Girl 

One thought on “About The Network Girl

  1. Hi NetworkGirl –
    I received your email that asks how one goes about training in the Lab. All we really need is for you to fill out a volunteer applicaton. Once approved, you can teach an (IT) Course. You will have to let me know what the course is, send me the curriculum and it would be ideal if you could create your own flyer.
    Let me know what you decide. Thanks for contacting us. Your website is great by the way.
    David 510 747 7728

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