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The Secret – The Law of Attraction

I sat down and watched ‘The Secret‘ tonight. A friend let me borrow it. Its been out for a while (you can watch it on their website).  I have heard a lot of talk about it from various friends. From their description it sounded like what I already have come to understand through my beliefs related to Networking and people. I have written about networking for many years. The movie was spot on with my beliefs. It made me cry. I have a habit of crying when I am touched by something that resonates with my soul. Usually out of happiness or empathy rather than sadness.

Takeaways from the Movie:

It’s about “The Law of Attraction”
Thoughts Become Things.
Thinking about the things you don’t want…calls them into existence.
Choose your thoughts.
Feelings let us know what we are thinking.
Universe will correspond to how you feel.
What you focus on is what you attract


1. ASK – write out what you want.
2. BELIEVE (I am a believer!)
Believe its already yours
You will attract the way
Doubt brings disappointments, replace with faith
Feel it now, feel good

Inspired idea for action

Follow: Intuitive nudges, act on it, that’s your job, that’s all you have to do

think about and thank about, what you are grateful for

Albert Einstein – “imagination is everything”

Martin Luther King, Jr. “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Buddha – “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”.

They referenced W Clement Stone, I found this quote of his:
“Regardless of who you are or what you have been, you can be what you want to be.”

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Social Capital

Thanks CJ, for turning me on to this…

Social Capital

Prepared by Carmen Sirianni and Lewis Friedland
editor-in-chief and research director of the Civic Practices Network.

Social capital refers to those stocks of social trust, norms and networks that people can draw upon to solve common problems. Networks of civic engagement, such as neighborhood associations, sports clubs, and cooperatives, are an essential form of social capital, and the denser these networks, the more likely that members of a community will cooperate for mutual benefit. This is so, even in the face of persistent problems of collective action (tragedy of the commons, prisoner’s dilemma etc.), because networks of civic engagement:

foster sturdy norms of generalized reciprocity by creating expectations that favors given now will be returned later;
facilitate coordination and communication, and thus create channels through which information about the trustworthiness of other individuals and groups can flow, and be tested and verified; embody past success at collaboration, which can serve as a cultural template for future collaboration on other kinds of problems; increase the potential risks to those who act opportunistically that they will not share in the benefits of current and future transactions.

Social capital is productive, since two farmers exchanging tools can get more work done with less physical capital; rotating credit associations can generate pools of financial capital for increased entrepreneurial activity; and job searches can be more efficient if information is embedded in social networks. Social capital also tends to cumulate when it is used, and be depleted when not, thus creating the possibility of both virtuous and vicious cycles that manifest themselves in highly civic and uncivic communities.

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So – with all the added pressure with my work deadlines and event deadlines, I am hitting a slight case of overwhelm … when I feel that coming on — I check in with myself to verify why I am doing what I am doing? For BORG2, I do this for the Art.

I have always been a creative type and have played with graphic design (before the computers), photography, writing, and some painting but there was far to many creative outlets out there for me to stay interested in one thing for to long and I was far more interested in other artists.

What I realized my personal interest is not the Art but the process and that one moment when a person is energized by the spark of creativity — my favorite question what was going on when you thought of that?

I look for an understanding, in the hopes of creating environments that inspire others… this concept grew even further when Joel died ( the man who named me TheNetworkGirl ) the week before his death he was energized with the prospects of playing with a new band … a year after the date of his death launched with the goal to encompass inspiration in order to inspire and keep that energy that he had a live for all time.

So that is why, I am here and why Art (creativity) is so important for my life. For some reason he keeps coming up in my mind during this process as well as experiences from when I was a kid (the last time I was actively involved in groups)

I hope that this is more than a battle of the BORGs, and that other people are as passionate about Art as I am or at least that the Art has effected their lives in some way.

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Day after Election Day Funk!

So ya, I won my spot on the BORG2 Art Council — interestingly enough 10 more votes and I would have won the whole race. More than I expected for sure. Today I ended up in the post exiting stuff, funk. Pretty much a troll all day. I thought I would have had a clearer desire to be running around and doing stuff. But nope, got sucked into the internet world — all day. Oh, what an evil friend the internet can be. Always lurking; always on. Is it 2am yet? Ever since I got involved with this BORG2 stuff its been like clock-work, my eyes don’t shut till 2am. The bells toll, my lights go out. Tick Tick Tick

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