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If You’re Not Using Social Media – Why Would You’re Members?

If You’re Not Using Social Media – Why Would You’re Members?

By Jeanavive Janssen

(published CALSAE Industry Magazine Summer 2012)

In talking with associations about social media I’ve discovered a common theme: there’s a desire to use the social media tools available, however, board members themselves aren’t utilizing the outlets. If you’re not using social media, why would your members?
Social media is a cocktail party, and your board is the host of this virtual gathering. I recently conducted a two-hour boot camp with an industry board including hands-on training to build buzz around their association’s social media outlets. Everyone logged-in, joined all of the social media outlets, practiced posting photos, started discussion threads, liked each other’s comments – it was fun!
It’s like the end of the school year when everyone signs yearbooks. There is an energy and excitement around the activities, and, in the end, you are left with an archive that depicts all the wonderful life moments. True, often yearbooks end up on a shelf, but in the moment there is amazing energy, and everyone is engaged in an active viral conversation. No one wants empty yearbook pages!
Look at the bigger picture with these tools: if you have thousands of followers but no one is responding or sharing your links, you might as well be singing in the shower by yourself. You need to think of your organization as being a “Rock Star”! You need to build fans, and you want them to tell the world how awesome you are.  If you are using social media tools you have to be active; you need to fill the social media outlets with thoughts, pictures, likes and comments, and share stories about your fans (your members).
You may enlist someone to “handle” your social media but you need to have real people posting, sharing and liking, not just your brand announcing events, offers or other things you are marketing. You need to show the many personalities of your organization – people buy from people they like, people attend events they know their friends will be at – focusing only on your business identity does not allow for the human connection that social media was built around.
Another theme surrounding social media is a general consensus that no one has time to do it. Your members don’t have much time either.  If you only spend a total of one hour a month on social media posts that is 60 interactions since it only takes about a minute to do one. If you spread out the responsibilities and multiply that hour by the number of people on your board who are participating you can easily interact with your members on a very regular basis for minutes a day.
As you plan your social media strategies ask yourself if your association really needs to be using every social media tool just because they exist. Or should you pick the tools that have the most traffic and traction?  Though you hear a lot about Facebook and Twitter, two major outlets that have not changed their services – and that drive traffic – are Google and YouTube. Because blogs increase a website’s ranking on Google, it makes sense to focus your efforts on creating blogs to increase search returns (search engine optimization – SEO). You can also create simple, homemade videos of your educational content to drive traffic to your organization’s YouTube channel.
Google and YouTube are outlets with long-term usages. This “staying power” helps you maintain relationships with existing members while also driving new memberships. The outlets provide content that can be referenced in other social media avenues (e.g. you can easily post the link to your YouTube channel on Facebook and Twitter). They have a long-term shelf life compared to “in the moment” social media. Remember, content is King.
Facebook, with its recent timeline changes and people wanting to keep their personal life and business life separate, is losing ground as being my top choice “in the moment” social media. I do foresee they will address this issue for businesses in the near future; till then I think Linked-in is becoming the new leader for professional social media.
Twitter, is great for announcing information in the moment. But don’t forget simple text e-mails, with traceable links to your content, is guaranteed to get in front of your members. And an e-mail with an effective subject line will engage your members prompting them to open it. Don’t forget to have a clear call to action within the e-mail. Do you want them to join a social media discussion, read an article or attend an event? Include the call to action in the first few sentences since most people use their phones to check e-mails while on the go.
Before you get started with any sort of social media campaign do some demographics on your membership: age, when are they online, how are they accessing online content (handheld/desktop), can they access social media outlets at their jobs or are they using it after work hours. Consider doing a survey. Then sit down with your board and create a manageable social media campaign and truly become engaged with your members.  If you’re not having fun with social media your members won’t either. Pick the tools that work for your members, and don’t inundate with them with too many outlets.

Jeanavive Janssen has been doing social media since 1999. She was an early adopter and launched one of the first social media platforms in 2000, The social media site retired in 2005. Jeanavive is actively involved in social media with several local chapter associations, as Marcom for the Green Meetings Industry Council (GMICNCC) and 2013 Marketing Co-Chair for Meeting Professionals International Northern California Chapter (MPINCC). She also manages the San Mateo Event Center’s social media campaigns as part of her business development for the Bay Area event center.

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Faciliator Social Media: CalSAE Bay Area

I was a facilitator on Social Media for:

CalSAE Bay Area Luncheon                                                                                                                                             

Stealth Learning: How to Leverage Your Association’s Greatest Assets                       

 Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

(My role) Facilitator Instructions

The role you are about to play could very well produce meaningful outcomes for one of your colleagues; or simply just change the course of their career. By being calm, listening reflexively, and asking strategic questions, you will be helping your fellow colleagues identify specific actions they can take, people they can meet, and activities they can attend to advance their personal and professional lives. Thank you in advance for your willingness to serve in this role. Specifics are provided to help every member benefit from a similar experience.


◦       Facilitate two 30 min sessions; Work quickly with appx 7 colleagues

◦       Ensure each colleague has some means for getting their question addressed or problem solved

◦       Ensure those at your table become adept at making suggestions as well as asking for help – some of those at the table will be specifically asked to be of support

◦       Remind participants of ground rules as needed

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In the News: Mr. Rick’s Martini Club New Year Gala in Oakland Continue reading on Profiles from Mr. Rick’s Martini Club New Year Gala in Oakland – Oakland Fashion |

Article by By Moya Stone : Photo by Richard Aiello

“It’s always great fun to meet the natty crowd at Mr. Rick’s Martini Club New Year Gala. These are folks who know vintage fashions and often make a living from their expertise. At the recent Gala, the Oakland Fashion Examiner crossed paths with three such individuals.

Nicky the Barber is trained in old-school barbering. He is one of the few barbers in the country who knows how to cut classic men’s hairstyles from the 30s to the 60s. Nicky specializes in cuts and styling for events such as weddings and photo shoots.

Anastasia Ellis is a vintage fashion consultant. A vintage clothing collector for years, Ms. Ellis now shops for and styles women who are just getting into the wide and wonderful world of vintage.

Jeanavive Janssen (AKA TheNetworkGirl) has fully incorporated vintage into her life, even successfully teaching herself how to style Art Deco hairdos. Ms. Janssen is a makeup artist and vintage event planner, currently organizing a dinner dance in Millbrae scheduled for October 2011.

Best of luck to these talented people.

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The Power of Networking: by The Network Girl

Re-posted from IAEE Young Professionals

The Power of Networking

August 17, 2008

The Power of Networking

by Jeanavive Marie Janssen; IAEE YP Chair.

Networking is a tool being utilized everywhere. People aren’t always aware of the full potential and benefits, but we do it everyday. I hear people sharing info with each other about their work, where to grab some food, what books are good and other resources.

Over time I have earned myself the nick name TheNetworkGirl, and I have continued to pursue this in various endeavors. I am not an acclaimed expert on the subject (yet), but it has worked for me time and time again. So, I thought I would contribute my thoughts on networking.

How can you harness the power of networking? First, you have to be consciously aware of what you are looking for. Take a moment; give your self some time to think about what you are looking for…A new place to live? A new job?…Then imagine finding what you are looking for. Have a full mental picture.

Once you have this image in your mind something happens, you become more aware of what’s around you in relation to what you are looking for. Time and time again I will hear conversations on the street, at parties or work, and I will hear ‘buzz’ words that draw my attention in regards to things I am looking for or have interest in. And me, being “TheNetworkGirl”, I have no problem going up and saying, “Hey, I over heard you…” and BAM! I have just homed in on a new connection, resource and maybe even a new friend.

You may not be totally prepared to go up to strangers but you can also begin this process within your own group of contacts. Talk about what you are looking for to everyone you know. Don’t be shy, everyone does it to a degree and it is very effective life tool. Make a list of everyone you know, give them a call, send them a note, or an email. This is a great way to ensure you are keeping in contact with friends, and reciprocate by asking them what they are looking for. Perhaps they are actually looking for YOU! But didn’t know you had what they have been looking for.

Networking is definitely not a selfish pursuit. Eventually your skills will expand. When you are out and about you begin to over hear conversations and notice things for your friends too. That is what happened to me. I have amazed my friends and colleagues. They would briefly mention that they where trying to find someone to do something and BAM! I would be contacting them the next day with a lead and introduction.

Every day we come in contact with so many wonderful people with hundreds of resources, and now with the Internet it is truly amazing how small the world really is in its vastness. Are you prepared to reach out and make a new connection today?

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BayArea: Event Industry Networking

This list is only for quick reference – please visit Association websites for current event listings.

Have other Networking Opportunities?
– email me or make a comment below.

Keep up with Event Social Media How-To for the self made industry professional by joining TheNetworkGirl Facebook

Fan Page

TheNetworkGirl Jeanavive Janssen


October 1, the association I chair IAEE NCC is hosting an educational program: Marketing Strategies: Industry Best Practices.

We have a great group of speakers; Jeff Chase – Founder & President – Immersa Marketing, Eve Schmitt – Global Travel Manager – VMWare, Steve Van Dorn – President & CEO – Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Convention-Visitors Bureau and Miki Cohen – President – Western States Horse Expo, and Pat Zollman, CMP – Senior Director, Global Accounts – HelmsBriscoe.

Topics: Rebuild and rebrand your event – Driving attendance to your event with creativity – Booth sales – lose a little bottom line just this one year to prove your strength and commitment – Retaining sponsorship dollars by eliminating manpower barriers – Creating value – for the meeting, client etc.- Driving Sales and generating revenue – ROI etc. – Doing more with less – social networking, multiple year bookings with rebates etc. marketing thru Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. -Negotiating trade agreements with advertisers, clients and other partners instead of cash. -Substantial discounts when meeting on need periods -Inviting clients to intimate gatherings to showcase venue, food quality and service. -Making personal visits to our client’s place of business -Website enhancements: virtual tours and making sure all printed documents are online -Providing excellent customer service and continued education to staff on industry trends.

Registration: Cost $25


October 7th – Green Meetings – Making it Real Educational Conference Presented by Green Meetings Industry Council of Northern California and Inn Marin. This half-day educational conference features a Keynote on Corporate Social Responsibility, two informational panels, a reception and mini trade show.

DATE: October 7, 2009 | 2:30 pm to 6:30pm

LOCATION: Inn Marin | 250 Entrada Drive | Novato, CA 94949

FREE – Register Here:


American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
NCN section of ASAE’s web site

ASAE now has more than 22,000 association CEOs, staff professionals, industry partners, and consultant members. (I have been asked to be on this year’s board)

ASAE NorCal Network event scheduled for Nov. 4 – Secrets of Successful CAEs Here’s the link with info. Note that “CAEs” refers to Certified Association

Bay Area Business Travel Association (BABTA)

Membership consists of travel managers, as well as suppliers and vendors from airline, car rental, hospitality and other travel-related industries.

September 23 Joint SVBTA / BABTA meeting

Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI)

Leading source for sales and marketing information for professionals in tourism, travel, and hospitality.

July 20 / September 28 / October 26 / November 16

International Association of Exhibition and Events (IAEE NCC) (I am the chair of the northern California chapter)

Represent the interests of tradeshow and exposition managers. Represents over 8,500 individuals who conduct and support exhibitions around the world.

August 27th / October 1

Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

Hold positions in Bay Area corporations, hotels and resorts, meeting management firms, and with meetings industry suppliers.

August 27 Education Program, Westin St. Francis / September 23 / October 28 / November 10

Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)

PCMA represents approximately 6,000 meeting industry leaders including planner professionals, suppliers, faculty and students.

September 17, 11:30am / October 29 – Joint MPI, IAEE, PCMA Mixer / November 19

Silicon Valley Business Travel Association (SVBTA)

Membership is an assemblage of travel managers and vendors in all phases of their careers.

July 23 / September 23 / October 8 / November 11

Society Government Meeting Planners (SGMP)

August 20 / September 24 / October 22 / November 19

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“Almost Myspace”

Last night I went to the ‘Today’s Young Professionals’ – Leadership Incubator at Ebay in San Jose.  They had a great presentation about branding yourself – a very interactive session which reminded me that I can’t forget about my brand that I have been creating since child-hood, and most prominently in 1999 when I truly became The Network Girl (history).

Some how I lost track of my brand over the past 6-months, I am The Network Girl, I am an enabler and a connector – these of course are the skills that I have been using for my current contract but the course reminded you are not XYZ company – you are your brand.

I also walked away with the motivation to pursue what I have thought about and started to draft a few times – the start of a book, which will come from a Case Study about missing the Social Networking curve by inches since I had one of the first social Networks established in 2000.

The title “Almost Myspace”, it will cover social networking and personality marketing – tools that I have specialized and developed over  the years  which are timeless in their essence.

The title I have to thank Terry Blanchard for, he is the owner of the Wing Stop in San Jose – he was also at the TYP event and we have met at several other Chamber mixers.  They have the best hot wings in town for sure!  He has dubbed me his ‘wing-man’:

“I have to thank you for being my wing man last night (really no pun intended, I just really realized it might be perceived as a pun when I was typing it, someone stop me please). What do you call a woman who is your wing man? – wing buddy, wing gal, wing woman, wing chick”

I have a knack for networking and connecting people, by the end of the night I connected him to several wing lovers, and other marketing opportunities.  In return I know that I have some one who will be looking out for me and my Networks – its important to have wing men looking out for us.

As well I met Nima Adelkhani and I will dub him as a fellow Network Guy who has vision, is an innovator and also uses his super human networking abilities to help others – just because he like to.  Not only that, he has a great service – mobile advertising devices that attach to commuter vehicles (making it green, since the cars are already on the road)…Check it out AdHitch. I am sold and will certainly be reccomending this to colleagues who work for large chains or for individuals who need to get a mass message out quickly but affordably – great for legislative campaigning.

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The Secret – The Law of Attraction

I sat down and watched ‘The Secret‘ tonight. A friend let me borrow it. Its been out for a while (you can watch it on their website).  I have heard a lot of talk about it from various friends. From their description it sounded like what I already have come to understand through my beliefs related to Networking and people. I have written about networking for many years. The movie was spot on with my beliefs. It made me cry. I have a habit of crying when I am touched by something that resonates with my soul. Usually out of happiness or empathy rather than sadness.

Takeaways from the Movie:

It’s about “The Law of Attraction”
Thoughts Become Things.
Thinking about the things you don’t want…calls them into existence.
Choose your thoughts.
Feelings let us know what we are thinking.
Universe will correspond to how you feel.
What you focus on is what you attract


1. ASK – write out what you want.
2. BELIEVE (I am a believer!)
Believe its already yours
You will attract the way
Doubt brings disappointments, replace with faith
Feel it now, feel good

Inspired idea for action

Follow: Intuitive nudges, act on it, that’s your job, that’s all you have to do

think about and thank about, what you are grateful for

Albert Einstein – “imagination is everything”

Martin Luther King, Jr. “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Buddha – “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”.

They referenced W Clement Stone, I found this quote of his:
“Regardless of who you are or what you have been, you can be what you want to be.”

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