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Quotes About Me 2013

I think people are the best at reflecting back who you really are:  This is a place to keep track of those sound bites and reflections:

“You are not artificial or superficial. You are intelligent …speak the truth (whether I want to hear it or not)…you make me smile uncontrollably”.  NL, February

“You’re a far better person…smart, passionate…sometimes innocent”. NL, March

“I just want to let you know that I’ve watched how you chase after life and inspire me to be better and achieve greater things everyday” NL, May

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On a personal note.

More to come in regards to the dark corners of the scandals related to running for office. The deal making the money taking BUT REALLY its been really interesting. I haven't really had any other time to focus on anything but this BORG2 thing. Its not so much the election that is drawing my attention but all of the like-minded individuals coming together for Art. It is really echoing me because it parallels many of the things I have believed in over years that a Network of people can really do things. I hope this project publicly proves that. I have worked since 2001 on the concept of Networking. My website reflects a lot of those ideas.

In a way I think it is the only way people can survive is to work together. Cheezy sounding I know but there is something magical about sharing what you got with people and visa versa. 2004 was a really good year for me to look at some of my networks and grow further into my own networks and have discovered some new Networks of friends. I hope to write my year in review shortly when I get a BORG2 break.

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